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CCA Treated Gum Poles

With our base in Commondale, Mpumalanga, Commondale Poles specialises in CCA treated poles. These treated gum poles are used for building, fencing, garden edging etc.

All our poles are CCA treated and SABS approved to ensure that no timber-eating insects damage the poles, as well as preventing fungus to grow. Great care is used to select straight and usable poles to supply our plant and all trees selected for poles from Eucalyptus Grandis, making them outstanding quality.

Highest Quality
Long Lasting
Gum Poles

Commondale Poles was founded in 1999, with the aim of helping local farmers realise their full potential out of their farming enterprise.

The soil in the Commondale region allows the Eucalyptus trees to flourish. These are the trees that we use for all our poles, resulting in outstanding quality poles that are long lasting.

Our main product range focuses on CCA treated gum poles. This is an effective way to protect your investment and give it more value.

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CCA Treated gum poles are what we’re well renowned for. We pride ourselves on being a leader in the treated poles industry. Our hands-on management style, excellent service and dedication to outstanding customer support ensure that we grow well into the future.

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All projects handled by us are dealt with professionally and we are already well renowned within the industry in and around Commondale. Time after time, our existing and previous clients are impressed with our quality of workmanship and ability to see a project through to its completion.

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We strive to be a leader in the treated poles industry by providing outstanding services, with a reputation in our community for delivering an excellent service at all times. Our clients can use our products with confidence, knowing that all their requirements are being met by professionals who deliver only the highest quality work standards at all times. Contact us today for assistance or to request a quote.

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